From Now On When I Find That Something Works – I’ll Keep Doing It!

The Learning Continues! Once again I Learned I was in error.

I recently had a bone density exam. I schedule them every couple of years since I did have somewhat sever Osteoporosis at one point.


I’d cured the Osteoporosis by a combination of diet change, taking mild medication and doing exercises. I was advised to do Isometric exercise and lift heavy weights for a period of time. I did what I was advised to do and was thrilled that it worked! As soon as my bone density tests showed I was normal I stopped taking the medication. After having my bone density exams show that I was normal and cured of Osteoporosis for a few years, I stopped the heavy-weight lifting sessions. I continued to do the Isometric exercises daily. I’m very glad I continued with them. I believe that this year’s diagnosis would have been even less favorable if I’d stopped those too.


I stopped lifting weights about three years ago. I went for a bone density exam at the end of June this year. I then had a follow up appointment with a doctor recommended to me by my wonderful orthopedist, Bradley Wasserman, who lives in my building. Yesterday I went for my follow up appointment with the rheumatologist, Natalie Azar, who Bradley recommended. I immediately adored her and knew I was blessed. I was also thrilled to find that she graduated from Weill Cornell Medical College. We had Cornell in common. I’d asked Bradley for a check-up because I’d been feeling slight muscle (I thought) pain. It turns out that a bit of Osteoporosis has retuned to my hip area. Dr. Azar and I discussed my taking the medication that had helped me before. I do avoid taking medication – however, I’d be willing to take what had helped me, without ill effects – for a short while. I would stop when my bone density would return to normal. Since it the medication helped before, without any ill affects, I’m quite sure it would work again and I’d take it only for as long as necessary.


Then… (DRUM ROLL)… the universe sent me a signal! I got an email advertising a weight lifting studio! TA DA! The light dawned!


I don’t need to go to that studio. I’ll go right back up to my rooftop health club and go back to my old routine of lifting the heavy weights. I’m, automatically, a member of the health club in my building. First, I’ll schedule a couple of sessions with the wonderful Suzy Sulsona who runs the health club in my building, to make sure I’m lifting the weights in the best way possible for my body. Then I’ll keep lifting them for the number of times a week she suggests.


I bet my bone density will improve again soon! I’m betting I won’t have to take the medication for very long. When my bones improve – I’ll keep lifting the weights. I realize that when something natural is working for me and isn’t harming me…I’ll keep doing it!

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