I Now Often Find When a Day Starts Out In a Way That Makes Me Say, “I’m Not Going To Accomplish Anything I Had Planned To!” – I Get It All Done – and Then Some!

Today was one of those days I haven’t had in a long time. I rarely oversleep and I heard my alarm clock ringing and turned it off and slept for another hour. That’s very “not me”.

It was my day to start marketing my show, my book and my workshops to a large community of buyers.

I had a whole list of tasks I’d written down to do today, I was to start taking precise actions re researching which organizations and libraries, etc. would be the best for me to pitch myself to for getting speaking engagements and possibly conducting workshops at, to market my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” I also planned to find good dates on which to present my “Dress To Get YES!” workshops. In addition I felt I needed to get the marketing material ready for my November 10th “It’s Just a Number!” show.

The phone started ringing as soon as I got to the kitchen. I’d had my daily cup of lemon juice and taken my supplements; but I’d done no facial exercises and I hadn’t yet made my bed! I’d pulled back the sheets, etc. to air out my bed, but I hadn’t yet gone back to make it. My bedroom and bathroom weren’t in perfect order and it was 1PM! I was getting many phone calls at 1PM and I hadn’t even had my breakfast!

HOWEVER – I began to realize that the phone calls were from people who had given me gifts – like Natasha Castillo mentioning my upcoming show and putting pictures of my last show on “Nightlife Exchange” online! My flyer designer, Glen Charlow, completed my next show’s flyer and Staples let me know it was ready for pick-up. Balboa Press let me know that they updated the website for my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” and others mentioned me on Facebook, etc. This all led to people calling me to ask about my services.

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