I Attended a Fab Meeting of Female College & Female “College +” Grads at the NYC Center for the NY State ILR School

I was uplifted to see how delightful and bright the females who attended were.

What really astounded me was hearing the degree to which “Attitudes re: Women Working” changed about a decade after I graduated from the NY State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University! I graduated in 1961. The next oldest person I met at the event graduated in 1979 and some of the others graduated in the 80s. Most graduated I the 90’s and later. Although most of the attendees assumed that they would marry and have a child or two, none seemed to have planned to not continue working for most of their life. After a few (some more than a few) years of working for a company, law firm, etc. some took a year or two off from work to attend to having and caring for a child. Some mentioned they’d taken of a year or two before returning to their jobs. Not one had even thought of not returning to work after starting their family!


When I went to Cornell most of my friends and I planned to work until we met the “right man”, who would marry us and father our children and support us – his family – for the rest of our lives. This is what we dreamed of. I know I did. It was after my son had entered school that the urge to be in theater, the urge I’d had from grade school through high school took over my heart and brain.  I took a job as a research assistant in my father’s labor relations law firm.


Granted many of the women there were lawyers having attended fine law schools. Most of the others had various positions in the field of human relations. What was interesting is that everyone of then has continued working.


It will be interesting to see if this commitment to work helps to keep them fit as they age. I have a feeling that it will still pay for them to do the research to keep their own particular body fit and not just follow the “word going ‘round” about what’s healthy among their industry mates. I was thrilled with the interest the bright women who attended gave to my book when I mentioned it to them. I’ll do my best to send notices re my book to as many firms as possible. I’d love to see these women workers stay fit throughout their lives and surely for as long as possible!

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