Lately It Seems As though a Higher Force Is Caring For Me! Maybe, It’s Simply What Life Is!!

I’m realizing that since for over a decade I’ve truly cared about my well-being, starting with my physical well being – and that now I’m beginning to trust that Life on Earth is a Good Thing – things I may not have expected to work in my favor are beginning to!


This realization began this week with seemingly silly simple things. The minute I got home and didn’t see some jewelry in the bag I’d picked up and brought home with me, I thought, “Oh no! I’d neglected to take it home from the theater. Dumb Bobbie! You went all the way to the Upper West Side to pick up the dress and shoes and jewelry you wore in the show you did Sunday … and you forgot to retrieve the jewelry which included a gift from your dear and loved friend and videographer!!!


Guess what?  I picked up a plastic bag from a counter in my kitchen – and what did I see in it? The jewelry – including the gift! I hadn’t left it at the theater! I’d bought it home with me the night I did the show!


Many things like that have been happening in the past week. It’s as though the Universe is telling me “You’re not losing your brain! The healthy things you’ve learned to eat – healthy for YOU – and the exercise you do is helping you to keep your brain function in tact.   More and more I realize that I’m “God’ to the cells in my brain and my body just like I’m a cell in “God’s” body – and God is taking care of me just like I’m taking care of the cells in my body!


Today happens to be my “Half Year Birthday” and I’m thinking of how many future years I want to live. In thirty years I’ll be 107 & ½ years old. That sounds adequate now. However, people are living longer and longer so, perhaps when I’m 107 I won’t feel ready to go.


But ya know what? I’m beginning to see that as long as my goal is to fulfill whatever purpose I was put on Earth to fulfill – it’s all OK! Wow! All OK!


I’m finding that for the past few months I’m able to – as they say – “breathe easier and enjoy my minutes on Earth!” Intuitively, I know that if I can – you can too!

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  1. Wonderful thoughts as always! You go, girl!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Love ya!

  2. We’re continually enriched and blessed by your words of wisdom, love and insightfulness. Having lost dear friends over the years it’s lovely to think of you and your wonderful son to explore lifes’ joys into the years ahead. Best to you and all those you love! Paul Thorn Bacon

    • Thank you so much Paul. It I can uplift someone, I’m a happy gal!

  3. Bless you Mindy!

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