I Find Being Able To Communicate With People Face-To-Face Helps Keep My Vitality Up During Months the Sunlight Has a Shorter Span

I’ve found interesting scientific studies that illustrate mental conditions that occur during the months we get less sunlight. A Dr. Mercola has an interesting write- up about this. I believe I mentioned him in a previous post.


I’m thankful that I live in Manhattan and I travel by bus and subway and come into contact with many people when I’m out and about. Most of the people I meet while traveling aren’t people I know (although I’m surprised at how many times I do come in contact with people from my neighborhood or people who belong t groups I do. I also live in a building that has activities planned for the residents. I, actually, wish I could attend more of them. I feel blessed to be part of a community in the Entertainment World that has members who come out to support each other by attending each other’s shows. I’m out seeing their shows several nights a week. I always find being with caring people is uplifting. I find that in the late fall through early spring I’m especially in need of contact with friendly people.


I’m always thrilled to be with my son who lives just a few ferry stops across the East River from my apartment. However, I don’t want to be a “suffocating mother”. I know that he has many friends and has his life to live.


I fully understand that there are many people who live alone, without a husband or wife or family member, who don’t like to be in crowds. We each have our own needs in that department.

While I happen to like being where there are several people. I am finding that even people who don’t like to be in crowds find their spirits lifted by going to a spot where people gather every so often, especially in the months that have days with shorter spans of sunlight.


If you’re still working you probably do get a chance to mingle with people. Even if you’re retired you can go to hear an interesting talk at a library or go to the movies. Now that the days are getting shorter you might want to plan you week to include some activities with friends.


If your friends are out of town through the weeks before the holidays check out your area for communal activities. Even small towns will usually have some of them.


You might also think of taking of taking a class in a subject that interests you or a class to learn a new craft.


If you’re older and unable to drive yourself and you don’t have help at home you can research the car services in your area.


Cities seem to be a more welcoming place for older citizens. I’ve written about this before and shall shortly look into it again.


I wish you the happiest holidays yet!!!

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