Once Again I’m Learning: I Can Actually Live In Cold Weather!

It’s been very, very, very cold in Manhattan for a while now. I meant to include “very” many times! Brrr!


Since I’ve learned about what foods are best for me, I find I’m much better able to deal with the cold outdoors and indoors too. Of course, I’ve chosen coats that are very warm and I’ve learned to dress well in layers.


Some years ago a new company was hired by my building to maintain our heat and air conditioning. They seemed to adjust the units I had quite well. A few years after they were hired, when it was quite cold – and the units that were in the living room/ dining area of my apartment didn’t seem to be working – I had the new company install new units, which worked very well. The units they installed continued to be fabulous air conditioners in the summer.


This year, as those of you who live in the Northeast area of the USA well know, it’s been truly cold. “Freezing!” is the term most people have been using. I’m glad I had the company come in to look at my heaters, which really haven’t been heating in my “living room/dining area”. Many people divide this large space into a living room and children’s room.   The company will bring in fiberglass next week and cover up slight openings to the outside air in the walls. It’s a brick building and there can be tiny openings between the bricks.


All this said, I am functioning! I’ve learned to allow myself to wear a heavy coat while I’m working at my computer and tell myself, “Bobbie you can get your work done even though it’s very cold!” I take a sweater to the health club on the roof of my building and do my weight bearing exercises and walk around the track if it’s snowing outside. I, actually, went to an event the night the snow was falling. I don’t think I would have attended an event on a night like that when I was younger, unless it was an event dealing with a family emergency.


What I’ve been noticing most is that people keep telling me I handle the cold like a much younger person! I have been working in the cold rooms in a coat, but I’ve been able to work and make plans to fix things to the greatest extent possible.

I’ve also been able to be outside and go to events and do business tasks, like picking up flyers for my show from Staples and going to meetings and shows – without, totally, freezing.

I took the ferry across the East River on New Year’s Day to go to my son’s yearly New Year’s Day brunch. Friends marveled when I told them I walked to the river and back both going and coming from my son’s apartment, which is on the Brooklyn side of the river.


I’m actually in better shape now than I was as a teenager – after all I’ve learned about nutrition and exercise than I was when I was a teenager!


The things I’ve learned – that I’ve included in my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”  have truly helped me through the cold spells and I’m quite sure they will help you too!


By the way – they’ll also help you if you’re 20 years old! May 2018 be the best year you’ve have yet!

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