My Healthier Body Is Helping My Mental Energy Expand!

It’s interesting that I’m finding that my energy seems to improve when I’m dealing with something I’m very interested in. When I’m writing a new song I may get stymied now and then, but my energy still seems to be up there.


What’s even more ‘delightfully” interesting to me now is that I’ve also been noticing that for over a decade my energy in general is much higher because I’ve gotten my body into much better shape in terms of not only my weight, but also the strength in my muscles and getting rid of the osteoarthritis that plagued me from my early 40s until about age 63. Not needing a cane for walking and not needing to be careful about walking to avoid the arthritic pain and not having to pay attention, like I used to have to, about using my fingers very carefully when “trying” to type…to avoid pain in my hands (I learned to rid myself of that pain) has allowed my brain to take on much more activity!


I now realize that the pain from osteoarthritis affected more than just my body. It tired my brain. I know I’ve written about this before.


I’m repeating this now because I’m getting comments from people that I’m the person they think of as being out at shows or performing in a show or at an “Open Mic” almost ever night of every week. My “It’s Just a Number!” cabaret show that I put up this Monday got a rave review in by Lisa Joy Reitman-Dobi, which began with:

“Monday night January 29 was anything but dark at Don’t Tell Mama.  The big room was teeming with talent and camaraderie.  One would expect nothing less when Bobbie Horowitz is the emcee and the show is “It’s Just a Number”.

Bobbie is in love.  Look at her bright smile, her shining eyes, that pep in her step.   Watch her sweep across the stage, at once elegant and effusive, graceful and giggly.  Bobbie is in love with life.  And every installment of It’s Just a Number is a love letter, sealed with a kiss.”


You can be healthier and feel more energy too if you find out how different foods affect YOUR body. That’s what I cover in my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”

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