“Always Give It Just One More Try” – Thomas A. Edison

I’m presently featured in Richard Skipper’s well-known online blog, “Richard Skipper Celebrates”. One question he asked me was if there was any particular anecdote that that influenced me in my life.


There have been several. However, in my later years one anecdote has been affecting my life for the better. I try to remember and follow it. It was written by Thomas A. Edison. He said: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to success is always – just one more try.”


While it seems obvious – it’s very easy to let it slip out of my mind. Thankfully, I’ve committed to it more strongly in my later years. I believe I’ve been succeeding more now because I commit to saying it every Monday morning (and possibly more often). It’s, certainly, the major reason I was able to become fitter than I’d ever been before when I was past 60 years of age.


I believe I’ve already told you that recently my bi-annual bone density exam showed that I’d regained a small bit of bone-loss in my right hip. I was prescribed to take Fosamax, a well-known medicine. This time it gave me fairly intolerable side effects – so I had my doctor prescribe the medicine I’d taken, which helped my rid my body of Osteoporosis when I’d had it before- which was over a decade ago. I did have some side effects then – but I kept at it. The side effects felt stronger this time.


I could have said, “ I’m up there in age and I can’t expect to be healthy forever.” However, now I know to do research. When things aren’t working well I’m committed to find out what does work well for me. This time I scheduled an appointment with my doctor, a wonderful and brilliant woman, who I trust, to discuss the alternatives. I’ll meet with her in a week and I bet I find a way to restore my bones and keep healthy in all other respects. Thankfully, my bones are denser and in better condition than they were a decade ago when I first treated the problem. However, I intend to have them be restored to the best density possible.


I’ll keep giving it “One More Try”!

Humans are making great strides in medical research now and it pays to keep getting information about new studies and new test. AND – scientific research has, actually, become very interesting to me! – “Who wudda thunk”

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  1. Great Blog

  2. Great Rebecca! Thank you! I did get your reply on my own blog site.

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