Always Keep Food That’s Healthy For YOU Handy!

I know that this can seem obvious. However, I’ve found myself at meetings that go longer than expected and then I need to get to another appointment and don’t have time to go home or to go out for a bite in the neighborhood un which the second appointment is located.


I double the importance of this for city dwellers. Many Big-City dwellers (that includes me) spend most of their travel time on public transportation. When I had a car and was doing work in the suburbs or putting on shows in suburban communities, each time I left the place I was staying at I’d fill my car with healthy foods that could stay fresh for the time I’d be out.


Please understand that I don’t concentrate on Network Marketing to as a business because I want to spend my time writing songs and producing shows and marketing the book I wrote to help people who are adding years to their life be able to live with health and joy. (shhh..I say over fifty – but what I’ve researched and share with people truly holds for people of any age!)

I do use the products made by a company called Isagenix. I have used them for years and they truly work for me.  


         One product that’s helped me a lot, because I’m running around the city a lot is the Protein Bar. They come in different flavors and I’m grateful that among their bars they include a few “dairy free” bars. Milk products aren’t great for me. They may be healthy for you though. I suggest you do some research and find out if “dairy products” are healthy for you.


I can easily throw one of the bars into my bag and have it handy in case I don’t have time to stop to have a meal.


Please note that I do think it’s important to take a break from running and working and promoting, etc. etc. during the day – it is good to have something nourishing for you to eat easily accessible.

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