I’d started to think what routine means is just dull – that it means I’I don’t care about what I’m doing and that what I’m trying to accomplish is not is not truly worthy of my effort.


I saw a cabaret show last night. It wasn’t a very late show, but it was the first full solo show this brilliant songwriter has done. She was quite a bit older than the usual beginning songwriter and the show was brilliant (if I may say so…I’m not her reviewer.) I got to bed on the late side and wanted to be ready for today.   I had an event to attend at 1PM.


I found myself going through the routine I’ve set up for myself, which includes getting my bed ready for sleeping in and putting my hair up and cleaning my face, removing the makeup and doing my nightly facial exercises. I also need to get my plants ready for watering and I needed to check my email to make sure there was nothing important that I hadn’t answered.


Then, this morning I found myself in my morning routine, which includes making my “healthy (for me)” breakfast, doing my morning exercise, seeing that my apartment was straightened and clean with everything in order and my bed aired and made and on and on. Sending any emails I needed to and checking to see if there were any I needed to read quickly and seeing how many I could delete.


I felt a bit robotic.


However, on my way home from the show I saw tonight – a show I saw after the event I attended this afternoon, a lovely gentleman and his wife, who live in my building wanted to know more about my upcoming May 31st cabaret show. I gave them a flyer for the show and they became even more interested and they stopped into my apartment to see a few of the flyers from previous shows.


I could see that they felt comfortable that the work I did was of a professional level because my home – which is my office – was neat and everything was in order and said they were making their reservation for come to my show.   My routines paid off!


Once you develop the routines that work for different situations and for different needs it’s not “not thinking” to jump into them each day or when you usually do them because you’ve found they work. Completing your routines allows you to get more “thoughts” accomplished too!


Find the routines that help you for your body and your mind – i.e., your eating, your workouts, your preparation for things you enjoy , your preparation for work you may be involved in at any age – all help you keep as healthy as you can be. Routines help at every age.


And…Routines can make you feel happier. I know that can sound odd, however I see it working for me and I sometimes forget that it lightens and brightens my life to go through them and get the “routine” things for all areas done.

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