“Great Endodontic Practitioner”

I believe I shared this with you last summer. In case you didn’t see it I think it’s valuable for you to know that I believe many dental services have been upgraded just other medical areas have been finding new and better ways of treating different problems your body may experience.


I remember once having to have a root canal performed when I was only in my 40s.  It was quite a debilitating experience.  I was in pain, and taking medication for the pain and for the healing process for many days.


I needed to have another root canal done yesterday. I also had one last summer. My wonderful dentist, Susan Stern, has a young man she recommends for this procedure. His name is Dr. Young A. Bui. He’s with Bryant Park Endodontics. I had the same experience last year. Being in the chair there gave me a chance to nap!   Yes – NAP! While he was working away I was totally comfortable.


They prescribed some pain medication, which I picked up at the pharmacy I use (it’s a family owned pharmacy named Pasteur) and I haven’t needed to take one pill yet!


If you ever need this type of procedure or another dental procedure, be sure to research the practitioners and what the processes are. So much has been improved for us since I was younger.  I’m very grateful for all that’s being learned in the health field.

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