Beginning a New Year Can Inspire Us to Plan to Improve Our Lives

Last year’s news reports seemed to be filled with many negatives and few positives.  I felt like we were back in the days of The Korean War.


I was sent many emails whose messages were “fight this” or “fight that”. Yet I still firmly believe that the world was designed to be productive and enjoyable. Why would it have been created any other way?

We’re part of a “Universe”.  Wouldn’t it make sense that the “Universe” we’re part of needs all it’s galaxies and solar systems and planets to function as well as possible?


I’m going to give you some information that I usually charge for in the workshops I’m certified to give that deal with this. I believe I’ve posted ideas containing this information in the past.   I think that given the negativity we’ve been getting in newscasts this year – NOW is a good time to repeat this info!


Certain energies should create more positivity this year.


As I’ve written before, I wish I’d taken more science courses while attending Cornell University.  I come to believe that everything has a vibration. I’ve stated this in previous blog posts. Numbers and Color Families each have a vibration.


  • There are 9 Color Families. Each has is own vibration.  Therefore, they each bring forth certain emotions and feelings due to their different vibrations.
    • #1 = Red
    • #2 = Orange (but – stay tuned…there can be an interesting aspect of the #2 vabration)
    • #3 = Yellow
    • #4 = Green
    • #5 = Light Blue
    • #6 = Dark Blue
    • #7 = Purple
    • #8 = The Dark Neutrals (e.g. the Brown family)
    • #9 = The Light Neutrals (e.g. Light Beige, Cream, etc.)

NOTE: Black and White have their own energy.  They’re not always considered to be colors.  There’s a debate that continues to go on about that.


  • There are 9 Number Families. We add each of the numbers in the calendar date when we want to know in which “number family” a particular day is.
  • For example: In 2017 we were in a “1” year.
    • 2+1+7 = 10. 10 becomes 1 because 1+0=1 –
      • 1 is new beginnings. It goes with the Color Red. It can be intense and sexy and/or angry.
    • Guess what 2018 added up to?????? …#11…Black and White!
      • That can mean Boring! You have to handle stuff, but without much joy in it.
    • Guess what 2019 adds up to? During 2019 we’re in a “3” year. This is a YELLOW year!
      • If you add the numbers 2+0+1+9 you’ll get 3.


Yellow is the First Color Your Eye goes to.  Yellow is Expressive.  Yellow is Communicative!


We’re now in a Yellow year.  There should be more vibrancy.

I believe this will be good for our physical health because it’s good for our mental health.


I advise you to cheerfully plan to find the BEST exercises for YOU and the BEST foods for YOUR body.


Why not start planning to be the healthiest YOU today!

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  1. Great message Bobbie! All of the negativity just doesn’t feel helpful. Let’s hope this message gets out there. Dee Coughlin

    Sent from my iPad


    • So wonderful to see your comment Dee. Please help me spread the word. I pray that someday everyone realizes we have a choice. We can all create what we need and enjoy when we’re all working together – each creating what their talents can create. When we’re all together in terms of of believing we can figure out how to put together what the beings on this planet need – I think we cover all the needs we have. It may not happen in this lifetime but we’re making progress. I bet we’ll then be able to get the beings on all the planets everywhere to love each other. I know I can sound weird – but I bet in a couple of million years (or sooner) what I say won’t sound so weird.

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