What Seemed Like A Miracle Happened Today! Miracles Can Happen For You Too!

I know this can sound “Woo Woo” to many people. I’ve written about my system of choosing what I wear each day based on Color Numerology and the Numerology based on my birth date.


I was planning to go to the wonderful entertainer, Richard Skipper’s birthday show today.  It was 12:20 PM and I was at computer wearing my pajamas, with my hair in pin curls and having put no make-up on yet.  For some reason my brain “wrongly” remembered that his show was at 7PM, across town at The Laurie Beechman Theatre.  I was eating my healthy breakfast and putting my week in order and something made me check to see if I’d put the printed ticket to his show in my wallet.  I had and I looked at the ticket and…and…and…there it was – clearly printed clearly on the ticket – the show was at 1PM!


OMG!  I was going to miss his birthday show. I left a phone message for him saying Id run there after the show came down and hopefully, he’d still in the building.

OK – Are ready for this?

  • I got may pin curls undone – ( the plastic bag I put the pins in is on a stool near my bathroom sink.
  • I’d already done 2 of my “in house” AM exercises.
  • I put on my make-up – my make up is in order of the way I put it on – in my cabinet over the sink.
  • I knew which suit I’d be wearing because I knew it was a “7” Navy Blue day and laid the trousers, etc. out last night.
  • The flower pin I was going to wear was already on my suit jacket because I placed it there last night.
  • I’d placed the plastic bag with my Navy Blue outfit jewelry on my dresser top last night.
  • I’d placed the Navy blue underwear and socks on my dresser top last night
  • I had the shoes I ‘d be wearing near my bed.
  • My Coat was laid over the living room couch and the hat and scarf I’d wear (I knew it would be a cold day) were on the door knobs of the closet near the exit to my apartment
  • I forgot to mention that my apartment was fairly neat when I left. I have a system for that all the time and don’t have to think about it much.


AND – Here’s what I realized:

  1. I have a system for putting on my make up. First I put on my silk turtleneck top so I wouldn’t ruin my make up. I put it on – and then wham wham wham!  I, somehow, put on my make-up, including my mascara and liner and blushers and powder, etc. etc. etc.
  2. Then I put on my suits trousers and my shoes and knee socks and the suit jacket and brushed my hair out and..
  3. Then I put my jewelry into my handbag. I figured I could put it on while I was in a cab going to the theater for the show. I’d pretty much organized my handbag the night before. I always do that.
    1. I should let you know that I hardly ever spend money on cabs – but I figured, I’d never make it to the theater while Richard and the performers I love were still at the venue – so I could at least hug them.
  4. Oh yes, I did the last of my morning three “In House” exercises  going down in the elevator.
  5. I did get a cab, after not too much of a wait, thank God.
    1. My driver was sweet, but didn’t speak English very well and it seemed he was driving very slowly and not trying to get to the corners before the lights changed to Green.



The dear restaurant server in the room upstairs from the performance room said, “Bobbie – you’re in perfect time!  They know I’m always worried about being late – although I’m usually early.


I ran down the stairs to the show room.  I saw the Birthday Boy onstage and passed my wonderful performer friend who said -she was so glad to see me she’ been worried about me.


They sat me at a prime table in front with the producer (a wonderful friend of mine) who hadn’t gotten my message that I’d be late.) They were all glad to see me and I go hugs AND It turns out that I’d only missed 1 performer – (the dear friend I saw when I walked in) and the Birthday Boy mentioned me to the audience from the stage and he quoted something I’d said to him about sharing positivity …AND…



I’D MAGICALLY ARRIVED AT THE VENUE AT 1:20 PM!!!!!!  THAT IS ONLY 1 HOUR AFTER I WAS HOME AND REALIZED THE SHOW WAS AT 1PM!  In that one hour I dressed, put on make-up etc, etc, etc, and got a cab and  got across town to the show!!!!  (The show actually started at about 1:10.)


NOTE:  If I didn’t have a system for planning my outfits, etc. etc. etc. it would have taken me well over and hour (probably an hour and a half)to dress and put on make up. Getting the cab as quickly as I did on Sunday morning and getting to the venue without much delay was pretty much the” miracle”.


You can take a look at the Image Consulting page on this site.


You’ll get and idea of how knowing how to package yourself will help you dress to express who you truly are – and – get well dressed much more quickly each day.  You’ll develop a “system” of dressing that you can easily follow.  Contact me if you’d like help in this area. If you’re in the New York area i have Workshops planned for March and will continue to plan more. You can learn the system of dressing for YOU to bring out who you are: Plus this knowledge will  help YOU save time!


The word “System” provokes negative thoughts in some people – but – believe me: having a GOOD system of getting ready each day makes life MUCH simpler for you.




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