The “Supernatural” Is Showing Up As Natural

Tonight I discovered that what I’ve been thinking of as  “Supernatural” is really just natural  – its’ simply what is!  I’ve written about this before, however – every time I experience it in a new way it seems to take on deeper meaning for me.


A couple of ears ago I got on the 6thAvenue bus in Manhattan to go uptown from a meeting I’d been at.  I may have written about this when it happened.  A woman who was sitting across the aisle from me looked for something in her fairly large tote bag and, inadvertently, sent a large wine bottle bouncing across the isle.  It banged on my ankle before rolling down the aisle. I was in some pain.  I did get some ice at the meeting I went to. and pressed it against my ankle until the meeting started. I did have to go to get an X-Ray the next day and while my ankle wasn’t Broken (with a capital B) I did need to have an injection and then wear a foot brace for about five weeks.


Tonight while going crosstown on the 42ndStreet bus almost exactly the same thing happened.   I was heading to a Wine Tasting room on Sixth Avenue in the 40s when the first incident happened.  This evening I was going to Birdland to see wonderful Karen do a brilliant show. The wine bottle really landed on me tonight and I though “Oh no!  I’m not going to be able to do all the things on my schedule for the next few weeks!”


Guess what? I could feel the eyes of the energy who has actually taken on an appearance for me  – the male that I’ve been feeling has been guiding me to relax. The essential Oil helped me relax and listen to the guidance of my God Beaux.  I thought, “Wait a minute” I’ve been using that new scent from Young Living Essential Oil that’s named “Common Sense” supposed help guide me to think sensibly in different situations.   I’m learning that the Young Living Essential Oils really do help!!!    I’m not in the business of selling them, but I can understand why people are drawn to sell them.



So – I decided not to panic and I trusted that God would watch out for me. What I needed to do was ask for some ice in a napkin when I got my seat.  I didn’t have a reserved seat in the first 3 rows for the show I was seeing – but I was just one row back of them and I sat at the very end of the row. Though the room was quite full God supplied me with an empty seat next to me. I found I was better off sitting in the seat at the end of the row even though is was a couple of inches further off center than the empty seat next to it. When I turned my chair to face the empty seat next to mine so I could put my leg up on it and take the pressure off my ankle that had been hit by the wine bottle on the bus.   When I did, not only was the pressure relieved, I had a great view of the stage and of incredible Karen Mason who performed as well as ever and she’s always great!


The sweet waitress came over quickly and I told her what had happened. I then asked if she could possibly bring me some ice cubes in a cloth napkin. She came back in what seemed like seconds and had wrapped the ice perfectly into the large cloth napkin.  I kept the ice on my ankle pretty much throughout the show. I just took it off for a couple of seconds after each song to make sure I wasn’t hurting my ankle by putting too much ice on it.


Now I’m home at my computer and my ankle doesn’t hurt at all! Perhaps I can feel a little something when I rub it – but hardly anything.  Using my common sense (helped by the scent of the oil) really made a positive difference for me.


I’ll ask the woman who does sell the essential oils if I can put her name, and a way to contact her, on my blog – so that you can contact her. I’m happy to help her earn money since it will be helping many people.

I’ll go to bed now and if I wake up with no ankle or foot pain I’ll post this.

I woke up this morning with no ankle pain!  I seemed to have cured any problem that may have arisen on my ankle – because I used common sense. I kept my leg up and told the waitress I would and she said that was OK.  I wasn’t blocking the view of anyone or making anyone uncomfortable AND I got up – what I would have thought of as nerve – and I asked for the wrapped ice.

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  1. I’m so glad your ankle is okay, Bobbi.

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