Communicating During the Pandemic

Dearest Readers,

You haven’t seen new blogs coming from me in the last two months.

Being confined to my apartment, except for trips to the mail desk in my building, has been beyond interesting.

While, I was feeling a lot of the same feelings I hear people talking about on programs and in posts they’re posting on Facebook and Linked-In, etc. about feeling disconnected from the Universe – A POSITIVE THING I’ve discovered because of this “confinement” is:

 I’m learning that how I spend my time MAY BE THOUGHT OF AS “IN CONFINEMENT.  HOWEVER: BEING CONFINED  (INDOORS)  IS NOT A 100% BAD THING”.  I’m choosing to follow the rules that have been set up for my community in Manhattan and I can choose to look at them as being helpful rather than debilitating.

I live very close to NY Langone Health, both the major hospital and several of its offices and centers.  I’m blessed to have such wonderful medical facilities near me. However, this makes it even more necessary for people in my neighborhood to remain indoors if possible during this Pandemic. I also feel blessed to have become a “health nut” about twenty years ago.  I’ve learned how to get my body into it’s fittest and healthiest shape almost entirely through changing the way I eat and the exercises I do.   I use natural products that are right for my particular body and do exercises that are right for my body. I got good results and when people asked me how I did it I felt compelled to help other people find their best way to restore their health and/or stay healthy. That led me to write my book –  “Fit & Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”

The one thing I’ll want to catch up on when this Pandemic has been cured is walking several, about 40, blocks a day.

When I wrote my last post on March 27th I’d been keeping myself (as we were instructed to do) for about 2 weeks. I’ve now been in my apartment, except for going to my building’s mailroom (and wearing a mask and gloves when doing so) for 8 weeks!

Last week I finally began to realize that we can adjust to what our life needs to be for certain periods of time and find ways to have it suit us.  It may not be perfect…but…if we stop looking at only the downside…some positive changes might occur.

Yes, I would like to get more “walking” in.  BUT – I can do more sets of my at home exercises AND I can get more sleep than I was getting running out every night.  I also realized that I could spend less time running to everyone’s shows and still get to see most them by watching the shows online. I’ve now had many of the shows I’ve presented appear online.  I’ve also been presented online while performing in shows that other producers and performers have put online.

Recently I’ve been appearing in many live ZOOM shows both as a performer and a commentator.

I AGREE that going out to see shows being performed live is one of the greatest things a human being can do.  That said:

I Sometimes Forget To Give Myself Time To Stay Home & Work On My Own Projects.

There has been quite a change in the form of presentations since the Corona Virus has caused pretty much all of the theaters ad small music venues to close.

While this is very sad for the many who have experienced illness due to the virus it may be leading to more possibilities for musical performances (for that matter – all types of performance) to be appreciated by larger masses of people that rarely get to experience very varied live musical – and non musical – performances.

My 2020 vision is seeing that more young and older people are now able to experience more performances of all kinds.  I’ve had people who live in my building, which is quite large, and some who work in my building tell me that they’ve recently seen shows that sounded like those I’d tell them about and they loved them! They’d seen them streamed on TV.  A couple fell in love with musical reviews they saw listed on Internet channels they subscribe to. .  Were it not for the shut down of the music venues due to the virus, these shows may not have been streamed to the online channels that these people subscribe to.

Reports like this have made me truly commit to continue to look for the good in life in all circumstances, even in this Corona Virus threat period.

Number 1: I hope you follow the directions you were given to remain healthy.

Number 2:  I encourage everyone to seek out and experience the different forms of entertainment that are now being offered online., including ZOOM events to music venues.

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  1. It’s truly a different world we’re all experiencing and I hope we’re able to come out the other side stronger and better equipped to return to normalcy. On a personal note, I wish you a delightful Birthday filled with shoutouts from all friends and family!

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