Do You Let “Seasonal Feelings” Stop You?

Getting “FIT” Helped Me Realize That Natural Changes In The Earth’s Position to the Sun Bring Forth Similar Feelings For Me Every Year At the Same Time.

I believe I wrote about this last year.  Each year I have a greater understanding of what the term “time flies by” is referring to. Time passes at a consistent rate.  It’s the memories that come into my mind during different seasons or attending yearly events, etc. that get me thinking about how many times I’ve done similar things during each season.

When I count the number of years that have passed since I began attending these events I can feel my breath hold.   Every year around the beginning of a new “school year” (they’re September – June in the USA) brings certain actual sensations into similar parts of my body.

I’m quite certain I posted about this last year because thinking about it occurs for me every year at this time.  When I speak with friends, especially those I’ve known since my youth my youth, I find out they’re feeling the same way I am about this.  School re-unions really bring up the feeling of “Time Flying”.

We all just read about the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the wonderful (I’ll risk saying wonderful, because I truly believe she was/is.  I’m thrilled about all the positive press she’s been getting.  I first met her at a Cornell reunion several years ago.  I believe it was my 30th re-union and I graduated in 1961.  She graduated in 1954.  She was very open and “right there” for me.  I was involved in performing in classical theater companies during the late 70s and, once again, in the late we were both at an event for classical theater that I attended with a group with whom I’d studied in Stella Adler’s class.  I felt as though I’d been Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s friend for years.  This event was in the late 1990s.

I’m bringing this up because I feel like I was just at that event and it occurred a bit over 20 years ago!

I have to remember that time on Earth keeps travelling at the same speed around the sun.  (At least, we think it does.  I don’t know about research that’s found it’s changed since humankind appeared.

I’m writing about this to remind us all that life isn’t passing by us more quickly because we’ve lived more years.  It’s all O.K.!

My goal – (at least) until after Halloween is to smile every morning and be thankful I have another day on Earth!

As many who have read my posts know I’m writing the book and lyrics for a musical that deals with the topic of everyone’s place in the totality of what exists.  It’s been changing as I write it.  I’m writing Act 2 now and I realize that the Pandemic has, actually, expanded my thinking.  I may have mentioned this previously.   What I am getting is that the Universe – and, probably, what’s beyond it need us all to be well.  We may be getting help we’re not yet aware of..

Staying “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” will help us individually – and, even more important we will each help our universe and beyond it.  It’s interesting that we have brains that can think about this stuff.

Once again I ask you to forgive me for repeating myself in these posts – These thoughts are helping me and – YEP – I think they can help you too. I write them because my goal is to help you live longer and happier.

I’m going to keep thinking about this.  I find it’s been getting me to be healthier than I was before I was 50!

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