Always Keep Food That’s Healthy For YOU Handy!

I know that this can seem obvious. However, I’ve found myself at meetings that go longer than expected and then I need to get to another appointment and don’t have time to go home or to go out for a bite in the neighborhood un which the second appointment is located.


I double the importance of this for city dwellers. Many Big-City dwellers (that includes me) spend most of their travel time on public transportation. When I had a car and was doing work in the suburbs or putting on shows in suburban communities, each time I left the place I was staying at I’d fill my car with healthy foods that could stay fresh for the time I’d be out.


Please understand that I don’t concentrate on Network Marketing to as a business because I want to spend my time writing songs and producing shows and marketing the book I wrote to help people who are adding years to their life be able to live with health and joy. (shhh..I say over fifty – but what I’ve researched and share with people truly holds for people of any age!)

I do use the products made by a company called Isagenix. I have used them for years and they truly work for me.  


         One product that’s helped me a lot, because I’m running around the city a lot is the Protein Bar. They come in different flavors and I’m grateful that among their bars they include a few “dairy free” bars. Milk products aren’t great for me. They may be healthy for you though. I suggest you do some research and find out if “dairy products” are healthy for you.


I can easily throw one of the bars into my bag and have it handy in case I don’t have time to stop to have a meal.


Please note that I do think it’s important to take a break from running and working and promoting, etc. etc. during the day – it is good to have something nourishing for you to eat easily accessible.

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“Always Give It Just One More Try” – Thomas A. Edison

I’m presently featured in Richard Skipper’s well-known online blog, “Richard Skipper Celebrates”. One question he asked me was if there was any particular anecdote that that influenced me in my life.


There have been several. However, in my later years one anecdote has been affecting my life for the better. I try to remember and follow it. It was written by Thomas A. Edison. He said: “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to success is always – just one more try.”


While it seems obvious – it’s very easy to let it slip out of my mind. Thankfully, I’ve committed to it more strongly in my later years. I believe I’ve been succeeding more now because I commit to saying it every Monday morning (and possibly more often). It’s, certainly, the major reason I was able to become fitter than I’d ever been before when I was past 60 years of age.


I believe I’ve already told you that recently my bi-annual bone density exam showed that I’d regained a small bit of bone-loss in my right hip. I was prescribed to take Fosamax, a well-known medicine. This time it gave me fairly intolerable side effects – so I had my doctor prescribe the medicine I’d taken, which helped my rid my body of Osteoporosis when I’d had it before- which was over a decade ago. I did have some side effects then – but I kept at it. The side effects felt stronger this time.


I could have said, “ I’m up there in age and I can’t expect to be healthy forever.” However, now I know to do research. When things aren’t working well I’m committed to find out what does work well for me. This time I scheduled an appointment with my doctor, a wonderful and brilliant woman, who I trust, to discuss the alternatives. I’ll meet with her in a week and I bet I find a way to restore my bones and keep healthy in all other respects. Thankfully, my bones are denser and in better condition than they were a decade ago when I first treated the problem. However, I intend to have them be restored to the best density possible.


I’ll keep giving it “One More Try”!

Humans are making great strides in medical research now and it pays to keep getting information about new studies and new test. AND – scientific research has, actually, become very interesting to me! – “Who wudda thunk”

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My Healthier Body Is Helping My Mental Energy Expand!

It’s interesting that I’m finding that my energy seems to improve when I’m dealing with something I’m very interested in. When I’m writing a new song I may get stymied now and then, but my energy still seems to be up there.


What’s even more ‘delightfully” interesting to me now is that I’ve also been noticing that for over a decade my energy in general is much higher because I’ve gotten my body into much better shape in terms of not only my weight, but also the strength in my muscles and getting rid of the osteoarthritis that plagued me from my early 40s until about age 63. Not needing a cane for walking and not needing to be careful about walking to avoid the arthritic pain and not having to pay attention, like I used to have to, about using my fingers very carefully when “trying” to type…to avoid pain in my hands (I learned to rid myself of that pain) has allowed my brain to take on much more activity!


I now realize that the pain from osteoarthritis affected more than just my body. It tired my brain. I know I’ve written about this before.


I’m repeating this now because I’m getting comments from people that I’m the person they think of as being out at shows or performing in a show or at an “Open Mic” almost ever night of every week. My “It’s Just a Number!” cabaret show that I put up this Monday got a rave review in by Lisa Joy Reitman-Dobi, which began with:

“Monday night January 29 was anything but dark at Don’t Tell Mama.  The big room was teeming with talent and camaraderie.  One would expect nothing less when Bobbie Horowitz is the emcee and the show is “It’s Just a Number”.

Bobbie is in love.  Look at her bright smile, her shining eyes, that pep in her step.   Watch her sweep across the stage, at once elegant and effusive, graceful and giggly.  Bobbie is in love with life.  And every installment of It’s Just a Number is a love letter, sealed with a kiss.”


You can be healthier and feel more energy too if you find out how different foods affect YOUR body. That’s what I cover in my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”

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Once Again I’m Learning: I Can Actually Live In Cold Weather!

It’s been very, very, very cold in Manhattan for a while now. I meant to include “very” many times! Brrr!


Since I’ve learned about what foods are best for me, I find I’m much better able to deal with the cold outdoors and indoors too. Of course, I’ve chosen coats that are very warm and I’ve learned to dress well in layers.


Some years ago a new company was hired by my building to maintain our heat and air conditioning. They seemed to adjust the units I had quite well. A few years after they were hired, when it was quite cold – and the units that were in the living room/ dining area of my apartment didn’t seem to be working – I had the new company install new units, which worked very well. The units they installed continued to be fabulous air conditioners in the summer.


This year, as those of you who live in the Northeast area of the USA well know, it’s been truly cold. “Freezing!” is the term most people have been using. I’m glad I had the company come in to look at my heaters, which really haven’t been heating in my “living room/dining area”. Many people divide this large space into a living room and children’s room.   The company will bring in fiberglass next week and cover up slight openings to the outside air in the walls. It’s a brick building and there can be tiny openings between the bricks.


All this said, I am functioning! I’ve learned to allow myself to wear a heavy coat while I’m working at my computer and tell myself, “Bobbie you can get your work done even though it’s very cold!” I take a sweater to the health club on the roof of my building and do my weight bearing exercises and walk around the track if it’s snowing outside. I, actually, went to an event the night the snow was falling. I don’t think I would have attended an event on a night like that when I was younger, unless it was an event dealing with a family emergency.


What I’ve been noticing most is that people keep telling me I handle the cold like a much younger person! I have been working in the cold rooms in a coat, but I’ve been able to work and make plans to fix things to the greatest extent possible.

I’ve also been able to be outside and go to events and do business tasks, like picking up flyers for my show from Staples and going to meetings and shows – without, totally, freezing.

I took the ferry across the East River on New Year’s Day to go to my son’s yearly New Year’s Day brunch. Friends marveled when I told them I walked to the river and back both going and coming from my son’s apartment, which is on the Brooklyn side of the river.


I’m actually in better shape now than I was as a teenager – after all I’ve learned about nutrition and exercise than I was when I was a teenager!


The things I’ve learned – that I’ve included in my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”  have truly helped me through the cold spells and I’m quite sure they will help you too!


By the way – they’ll also help you if you’re 20 years old! May 2018 be the best year you’ve have yet!

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I Find Being Able To Communicate With People Face-To-Face Helps Keep My Vitality Up During Months the Sunlight Has a Shorter Span

I’ve found interesting scientific studies that illustrate mental conditions that occur during the months we get less sunlight. A Dr. Mercola has an interesting write- up about this. I believe I mentioned him in a previous post.


I’m thankful that I live in Manhattan and I travel by bus and subway and come into contact with many people when I’m out and about. Most of the people I meet while traveling aren’t people I know (although I’m surprised at how many times I do come in contact with people from my neighborhood or people who belong t groups I do. I also live in a building that has activities planned for the residents. I, actually, wish I could attend more of them. I feel blessed to be part of a community in the Entertainment World that has members who come out to support each other by attending each other’s shows. I’m out seeing their shows several nights a week. I always find being with caring people is uplifting. I find that in the late fall through early spring I’m especially in need of contact with friendly people.


I’m always thrilled to be with my son who lives just a few ferry stops across the East River from my apartment. However, I don’t want to be a “suffocating mother”. I know that he has many friends and has his life to live.


I fully understand that there are many people who live alone, without a husband or wife or family member, who don’t like to be in crowds. We each have our own needs in that department.

While I happen to like being where there are several people. I am finding that even people who don’t like to be in crowds find their spirits lifted by going to a spot where people gather every so often, especially in the months that have days with shorter spans of sunlight.


If you’re still working you probably do get a chance to mingle with people. Even if you’re retired you can go to hear an interesting talk at a library or go to the movies. Now that the days are getting shorter you might want to plan you week to include some activities with friends.


If your friends are out of town through the weeks before the holidays check out your area for communal activities. Even small towns will usually have some of them.


You might also think of taking of taking a class in a subject that interests you or a class to learn a new craft.


If you’re older and unable to drive yourself and you don’t have help at home you can research the car services in your area.


Cities seem to be a more welcoming place for older citizens. I’ve written about this before and shall shortly look into it again.


I wish you the happiest holidays yet!!!

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Lately It Seems As though a Higher Force Is Caring For Me! Maybe, It’s Simply What Life Is!!

I’m realizing that since for over a decade I’ve truly cared about my well-being, starting with my physical well being – and that now I’m beginning to trust that Life on Earth is a Good Thing – things I may not have expected to work in my favor are beginning to!


This realization began this week with seemingly silly simple things. The minute I got home and didn’t see some jewelry in the bag I’d picked up and brought home with me, I thought, “Oh no! I’d neglected to take it home from the theater. Dumb Bobbie! You went all the way to the Upper West Side to pick up the dress and shoes and jewelry you wore in the show you did Sunday … and you forgot to retrieve the jewelry which included a gift from your dear and loved friend and videographer!!!


Guess what?  I picked up a plastic bag from a counter in my kitchen – and what did I see in it? The jewelry – including the gift! I hadn’t left it at the theater! I’d bought it home with me the night I did the show!


Many things like that have been happening in the past week. It’s as though the Universe is telling me “You’re not losing your brain! The healthy things you’ve learned to eat – healthy for YOU – and the exercise you do is helping you to keep your brain function in tact.   More and more I realize that I’m “God’ to the cells in my brain and my body just like I’m a cell in “God’s” body – and God is taking care of me just like I’m taking care of the cells in my body!


Today happens to be my “Half Year Birthday” and I’m thinking of how many future years I want to live. In thirty years I’ll be 107 & ½ years old. That sounds adequate now. However, people are living longer and longer so, perhaps when I’m 107 I won’t feel ready to go.


But ya know what? I’m beginning to see that as long as my goal is to fulfill whatever purpose I was put on Earth to fulfill – it’s all OK! Wow! All OK!


I’m finding that for the past few months I’m able to – as they say – “breathe easier and enjoy my minutes on Earth!” Intuitively, I know that if I can – you can too!

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I Attended a Fab Meeting of Female College & Female “College +” Grads at the NYC Center for the NY State ILR School

I was uplifted to see how delightful and bright the females who attended were.

What really astounded me was hearing the degree to which “Attitudes re: Women Working” changed about a decade after I graduated from the NY State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University! I graduated in 1961. The next oldest person I met at the event graduated in 1979 and some of the others graduated in the 80s. Most graduated I the 90’s and later. Although most of the attendees assumed that they would marry and have a child or two, none seemed to have planned to not continue working for most of their life. After a few (some more than a few) years of working for a company, law firm, etc. some took a year or two off from work to attend to having and caring for a child. Some mentioned they’d taken of a year or two before returning to their jobs. Not one had even thought of not returning to work after starting their family!


When I went to Cornell most of my friends and I planned to work until we met the “right man”, who would marry us and father our children and support us – his family – for the rest of our lives. This is what we dreamed of. I know I did. It was after my son had entered school that the urge to be in theater, the urge I’d had from grade school through high school took over my heart and brain.  I took a job as a research assistant in my father’s labor relations law firm.


Granted many of the women there were lawyers having attended fine law schools. Most of the others had various positions in the field of human relations. What was interesting is that everyone of then has continued working.


It will be interesting to see if this commitment to work helps to keep them fit as they age. I have a feeling that it will still pay for them to do the research to keep their own particular body fit and not just follow the “word going ‘round” about what’s healthy among their industry mates. I was thrilled with the interest the bright women who attended gave to my book when I mentioned it to them. I’ll do my best to send notices re my book to as many firms as possible. I’d love to see these women workers stay fit throughout their lives and surely for as long as possible!

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I Now Often Find When a Day Starts Out In a Way That Makes Me Say, “I’m Not Going To Accomplish Anything I Had Planned To!” – I Get It All Done – and Then Some!

Today was one of those days I haven’t had in a long time. I rarely oversleep and I heard my alarm clock ringing and turned it off and slept for another hour. That’s very “not me”.

It was my day to start marketing my show, my book and my workshops to a large community of buyers.

I had a whole list of tasks I’d written down to do today, I was to start taking precise actions re researching which organizations and libraries, etc. would be the best for me to pitch myself to for getting speaking engagements and possibly conducting workshops at, to market my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” I also planned to find good dates on which to present my “Dress To Get YES!” workshops. In addition I felt I needed to get the marketing material ready for my November 10th “It’s Just a Number!” show.

The phone started ringing as soon as I got to the kitchen. I’d had my daily cup of lemon juice and taken my supplements; but I’d done no facial exercises and I hadn’t yet made my bed! I’d pulled back the sheets, etc. to air out my bed, but I hadn’t yet gone back to make it. My bedroom and bathroom weren’t in perfect order and it was 1PM! I was getting many phone calls at 1PM and I hadn’t even had my breakfast!

HOWEVER – I began to realize that the phone calls were from people who had given me gifts – like Natasha Castillo mentioning my upcoming show and putting pictures of my last show on “Nightlife Exchange” online! My flyer designer, Glen Charlow, completed my next show’s flyer and Staples let me know it was ready for pick-up. Balboa Press let me know that they updated the website for my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” and others mentioned me on Facebook, etc. This all led to people calling me to ask about my services.

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From Now On When I Find That Something Works – I’ll Keep Doing It!

The Learning Continues! Once again I Learned I was in error.

I recently had a bone density exam. I schedule them every couple of years since I did have somewhat sever Osteoporosis at one point.


I’d cured the Osteoporosis by a combination of diet change, taking mild medication and doing exercises. I was advised to do Isometric exercise and lift heavy weights for a period of time. I did what I was advised to do and was thrilled that it worked! As soon as my bone density tests showed I was normal I stopped taking the medication. After having my bone density exams show that I was normal and cured of Osteoporosis for a few years, I stopped the heavy-weight lifting sessions. I continued to do the Isometric exercises daily. I’m very glad I continued with them. I believe that this year’s diagnosis would have been even less favorable if I’d stopped those too.


I stopped lifting weights about three years ago. I went for a bone density exam at the end of June this year. I then had a follow up appointment with a doctor recommended to me by my wonderful orthopedist, Bradley Wasserman, who lives in my building. Yesterday I went for my follow up appointment with the rheumatologist, Natalie Azar, who Bradley recommended. I immediately adored her and knew I was blessed. I was also thrilled to find that she graduated from Weill Cornell Medical College. We had Cornell in common. I’d asked Bradley for a check-up because I’d been feeling slight muscle (I thought) pain. It turns out that a bit of Osteoporosis has retuned to my hip area. Dr. Azar and I discussed my taking the medication that had helped me before. I do avoid taking medication – however, I’d be willing to take what had helped me, without ill effects – for a short while. I would stop when my bone density would return to normal. Since it the medication helped before, without any ill affects, I’m quite sure it would work again and I’d take it only for as long as necessary.


Then… (DRUM ROLL)… the universe sent me a signal! I got an email advertising a weight lifting studio! TA DA! The light dawned!


I don’t need to go to that studio. I’ll go right back up to my rooftop health club and go back to my old routine of lifting the heavy weights. I’m, automatically, a member of the health club in my building. First, I’ll schedule a couple of sessions with the wonderful Suzy Sulsona who runs the health club in my building, to make sure I’m lifting the weights in the best way possible for my body. Then I’ll keep lifting them for the number of times a week she suggests.


I bet my bone density will improve again soon! I’m betting I won’t have to take the medication for very long. When my bones improve – I’ll keep lifting the weights. I realize that when something natural is working for me and isn’t harming me…I’ll keep doing it!

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Use the Fit & Fab Methodology For Getting Fit For Almost Anything You Need To Accomplish!


The learning keeps continuing for me and I’m certain what I’ve been discovering for myself can work for you too!


From last Sunday through yesterday – I was on The Unity Center of Norwalk’s annual Retreat. I treasure these yearly retreats. So far, each year I’ve attended, my soul got it’s “Aha! Moment” at some point during the Retreat itself. This year, each day I was there, I felt I was getting closer to knowing what my focus should be for this year and thought that must have been why I was there.


It seems that each year I get a stronger or a new focus in life that is a step up for me and enriches my life. I find I get this yearly at the Unity Retreat.


By the way – you can get your inspiration from whatever source or activity works for you.


This morning, while going about my activities of unpacking from Retreat, doing my daily exercise, getting some extra rest I needed, straightening up my desk and handling some clerical matters, etc. I realized that I was taking action to begin to set up my path to achieve what this year’s major life goal was for me. Perhaps it will be my central goal for the next few years.

I didn’t think I’d get to thinking about anything like this before Monday


When the life improvements I want to focus on this year HIT me – it HIT me that the steps I’ll need to follow will be very similar to the steps I took to get fit.

While what I want to (and need to) accomplish isn’t the same as body fitness it is fitness of a sort. IT HIT ME – that everything is “fitness” pertaining to what you want/need to accomplish.


I’ll need to:

  • Start doing research. Find out what steps others – who’ve succeeded in the area I wish to succeed in – have taken.
  • Make a list of the areas of action that need to be looked at. For example, to get fit I needed to look at
    • Food
    • Body movements
    • Where to live – e.g., places where the weather suits my body & the pace suits my brain
  • See if there are alternative steps that might suit me better than those I’ve found through research I’ve done thus far – and look for additional people who are succeeding in the area I want to succeed in and find out what steps they’re taking. Any of these steps may or may not work for me –but I should know they exist in case they make the path easier for me.

NOTE: Remember that we’re individuals and we may need to select the means to attain each goal that best suit our brain, dexterity, etc. etc. etc.

  • Start scheduling the steps into my day and see how they work.
  • Modify them as needed.
  • Keep reading as much as I can and see where human knowledge is now -about the subject at hand.



If you’ve read my book, “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward”, I’m quite certain you understand what I’m saying in this Post. It’s all the same process.


I’ll keep looking at this.   I’ll let you know what it is that I want to accomplish – – as I begin to accomplish some of the goals toward bettering the area of my life I’ve gotten excited about. The truth is, I need to make this area of my life work. I’m thrilled that I’m realizing I want to as well as need to – just as I did when my body needed help. I’m not really “in trouble” in the area I’m talking about – but, it will help me to do well in that area if I intend to live for many more years – and I DO INTEND TO!


In addition to your body’s health – what area do you want/need to better in your life?

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