The “World” Will Heal When We Each Realize We’re Each Here To Forward the GOOD In What We Call Our “Universe”.

Our Universe wants/needs Us To Be Healthy & Happy to accomplish this!


Please forgive me if I’m repeating something I said in a previous post. Please, also, forgive me if I sound what many call “Whoo Whoo” in this post.


Once again, I got a feeling from – I don’t know where – that what we call our “Solar System” is an organ in an entity we call the Universe.


As I live longer my mind is wandering in more and more directions that I would have thought of as crazy when I was in my 20s.

This is caused by my wanting to find more ways to remain “Fit and Fabulous” for many, many, many years!


I so wish I’d taken more science at Cornell. I’m now discovering that my alma mater has such great science departments! I always knew the science departments at Cornell were very good – however I didn’t realize how good.


I never thought of myself as a “science student”. I guess I thought “there are only so many hours in a lifetime” and I did – and still do -love helping people. We were taught to help people at The “NY State School of industrial and Labor Relations” at Cornell.   I did love my college education and now, as I grow older, in terms of years lived, I’m getting more and more turned on by thinking about science and how we can find the answers to questions that will lead to peace in our Universe. (I bet we’ll then deal with creating peace between many universes that we discover exist.)


I’m realizing that all studies are part of “the whole”.


This way of thinking helps me in terms of continuing to ask questions that I keep finding out are necessary to keep me “fit and fabulous” physically and I’m no thinking also in terms of “mentally fit and fabulous” for many years to come. I’m seeing that all studies are connected.


I’m getting the WONDER of life. Could you begin to imagine a world that had NO LIFE?


I doubt there could ever be such a thing – i.e., “a world with no life in it”! The spheres we call planets and suns and moons would probably corrode after a few million years, without wise living beings on them to take care of them and keep the spheres flourishing.


The more my mind wanders the more it settles on the same thought. That thought is that everything is here for the “GOOD”.  When I say “everything here”  (by “here” I mean everywhere we can imagine and then beyond that! I’m talking about trillions of miles – a distance I don’t have a word for) is part of one thing. That ONE thing – is what I’m intuiting more and more – is what we call GOD.


It makes sense to me that this “GOD” would want us to ALL be WELL – and healthy and loving and happy.


OMG! I just had another thought! I may have said this in a previous post. Happenings we think of as “BAD” may occur so that we feel compelled to conduct the necessary studies that will lead us to learn how to release “the bad” to further the “GOOD”! Therefore – It’s all good!

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This Week I Realized That Time Seeming To FLY By In My 70s – Is A Good Thing!

It Means I’ve Learned To Do More Things More Easily Than I Could When I Was 10, 20, & 30 Yrs. Old! Duh!

What got me going on thinking about finding as many studies as I could – to find out more about improving my brain’s function was an incident that happened a couple of days ago on the 2nd Avenue Downtown Bus. It was a cold sunny day and as I snuggled myself into my window seat, I found myself immersed in “old people’s thoughts”!

I was thinking “Now that I’m old…I hardly remember being in all those buildings that I’m looking at: building I used to go into to buy things or to meet people for lunch, or be at meetings that were held in them, etc., etc., etc.

I looked out the window and it seemed as though the last 40 years swept by without my having any control over them! I started thinking that “Time flies (as the say) so quickly I’ll probably be leaving this planet very soon!

“Ah,” I thought …
• ”I forgot I used to spend time there!
• “I can’t even remember all, if any of the other people’s names!:
• “ OMG my son used to take a class down there! That was over 40 years ago now! What was the name of that kid he’d play with and what did his parents look like? I think we used to have dinner together.
• OMG! Time is nothing now. It just flies and flies and I’ll be 120 years old in no time!

I wondered:
• “Are any of my high schools friends still living, aside from those I speak too?
• How much longer will I be able to stay in my condo?
• Which rest home will my son be able to get me into?

It wasn’t till I’d almost reached my destination that I realized that it would be natural for time to seem to go more quickly because the more we do the same things the SIMPLER they become for us and seem to pass by more EASILY and QUICKLY.

I thought –“Hey, wait a minute! That’s really a good thing, no?”
Remember how long it seemed to take – when I was In the 2nd Grade – till it was finally lunch hour?

I started humming a song I wrote the words and music to called, “Never a Freshman Again!” It’s become the theme of the special cabaret series I present at The Metropolitan Room in NYC.

YIKES! That was, actually me thinking? Guess what?
I felt myself “wake up”, which is the only term I can think of and I clearly felt that the “old person’s thoughts” that were coming into my mind as though they were coming in for a character in a show I was writing.

Thankfully, I realized that I WAS CREATING A CHARACTER “OLD BOBBIE”! “OLD BOBBIE” WASN’T A REAL PERSON! Not yet at least and, she probably never will be a real character.

I’m quite sure that YOU don’t have to create “Old You!” either!

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I Discovered My Balance Improved Now That I’m In Better Shape

I had an exciting discovery today! The weather forecast called for some snow. I thought I’d heard it was going to be very snowy and cold, but a friend who was in town for her Birthday and whom I was meeting at Lincoln Center during the afternoon said she heard it would “just be a dusting”.



I’ve been rather cautious about being on slippery ground since I fell and hurt myself some years ago. I realize that I’m no longer in pain and I have rid myself of Osteoarthritis.



I tell you how I rid myself of it in my book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” It was a simpler process than I ever thought could be!



At any rate today I could hear myself start talking to myself out loud when I walked out of my building. They hadn’t yet swept well outside when I needed to leave. I treated myself to a taxi and, even picked my friend up and we proceeded to Lincoln Center. I will say that the entrance to The Lincoln Center Library was scary. It was totally white and the pavement looked as though it hadn’t been swept. It had been somewhat swept, but not very well.



I followed my friend, the lovely and very caring and community serving, Jae French. She took hold of my arm and was helping me stay erect when I realized I had good balance on my own now. It seems as though the exercises I’ve been doing for the past several years have, indeed, strengthened my core and I did quite well walking on my own. I kept saying to myself, “Walk slowly and steadily Bobbie. You’ll make it.”



When I left to go home took a bus down Broadway to Fifth Avenue and 34th St. and then had to change for the 34th Street Crosstown Bus to First Avenue. The streets were tick with snow. I just kept saying “Walk slowly Bobbie and you’ll make it!” There were no available Taxi’s and I was glad. It forced me to do the job. Having a “positive” attitude and giving myself the time and believing I could do it – got me home safely and happily! I, actually, enjoyed my walk in the freezing cold and thick snow!



I know you can do things you’ve been afraid to. Yes – give yourself time and keep your eyes opened. Do the exercise and nutrition work it takes for you to get into your best shape possible. Then work on doing something just a bit more “difficult” than you customarily do.



If I can do it – YOU can do it too.

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Just When I Think I Got It All Down …… I DO! (Note: I’m re-posting this because it hadn’t gotten on to my Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward site)

I just realized that I got a major life “break through” while writing lyrics to a new song! I had no – I mean NO  idea – this would happen as a result of writing this particular song!


I now realize that very often this how I do get major “break throughs”! The very opposite of a thought I’ve been holding turns out to be my truth.


I was busy trying to think of how to work out the lyrics to a song that I’d asked a well-known composer/musical director to consider writing music to when I got the lyrics to him. He liked the idea I was working on and said he’d definitely consider putting music to it when I’d gotten it done – if he felt it could help people.


I made a schedule for writing the song and put it in my planning calendar.

Every time I sat down to get the song written something would distract me from writing it. I’d get a call from someone who needed to change the date for a meeting or one of the performers in my upcoming cabaret show would get cast in an out of town Equity musical or my bedroom window shade would break or …or …or…


I felt I wasn’t destined to write this song and I was feeling very nervous about it.


Then, while on the bus to the musical presentation workshop I take, I found myself writing lyrics to a comedy song about handling my life. I was calling it “Just When I Think I Got It All Down!” Of course, in this song just when I would think I had life handled, something would come up that would keep me from handling it – so I never get life handled!


Guess what?

  • I’d been trying to reach a prospective client, who said she’d be interested in booking me for a private image consulting consultation, for weeks.   While I was on the bus, writing this song, that very person ran up to me and said they’d been unexpectedly called out of town and were so glad to be back and to run into me so she could book her session. I got the date for the session booked on the buss ride!
  • Then I looked at my emails and saw that I’d received a request to give a talk about my book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” at a book fair. I’d put the intention to book a talk about my book at a book fair into my planner a few weeks before this.
  • Then, when I got home that evening, I received and email from  a wonderful performer asking me if I might write a special song for her. If I may say so, it felt as though the lyrics to that comedy/truth song I wrote for her came to me from heaven and she performed it amazingly well!


I’ve changed the title to the song I was writing on the bus when I was so frustrated with myself. I’m now finishing it up. The title tells that all the negative stuff I’d thought was my truth – isn’t my truth at all!  When I look back over my life I realize this is how it’s very often worked for me. It might take a day or two longer than I’d planned; but things work out.


Of course, Monty Python took the title I’d like to use – “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life!”Oh well…I’m not worried…I’ll find a title. … wait a minute!


The title of the song now is: Just When I Think I Got It All Down …… I DO!

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You & I Are & Have Enough To Contribute What We’re Here To Contribute

I’ve been planning my workshops that help you know what YOU should best wear if you’re working or have a business or are looking for romance, etc. etc. In the process of preparing these workshops my mind kept getting drawn to myself and the word “ENOUGH”.   I’m capitalizing that word because although there are great songs like “Enough Is Enough!” (with that word in it) – I was, once again,  wondering what it takes to truly know you’re “enough”.


If I’m the one who’ll be teaching  “you’re enough” –  How come I sometimes feel as though I’m not doing enough, saving enough, etc. etc. etc.!  If the “you” in “yourself” IS ENOUGH – how come the “Me inside Me” not “doing” enough often bothers me?


Then, when I go over my bio, once again,  I realize I’ve done a lot! I’ve done more than many, many humans have.  My goodness!  I Am Enough!


I’m GLAD this happens to me. Why? I’m glad because it makes me breathe and take a moment to look at my “to do” list that’s in my head and let myself know that it’s ok to take a rest now and then. When I sit back and look at what I need to accomplish to get the tasks I set up for myself done I can make a list of things to cut out; things which won’t affect my getting the things done more quickly or done better.


Some people are “lazy” because they’ve been taught to be.   If you think you are, I say, for now, make a list and don’t plan interfering partying until you complete your list. Once that’s done you’ll see you aren’t lazy!

Most of the people I know are “Doers” like me.  To the people like me I go back to one of my favorite radio shows (remember radio shows?) “Archie Andrews” – and I tell myself “Relax Archie! Relax!”


I think I posted a similar post last autumn. Wow! I just looked it up – it was last October!  For some reason autumn is  the season it usually hits me. Perhaps it’s because it’s the beginning of the new theatrical performance season  (Hmm… I feel a song coming on!)


I’ll repeat the idea of the Autumn Post because it’s important. We are each born ENOUGH! With whatever physical or mental conditions we have we are each a cell in the Universe and here to contribute what WE (we as individuals) are here to contribute. We are ENOUGH to do that.


If you’re reading this I bet you are contributing to the world.  You can make little changes, as needed, when they’re needed – and – YOU ARE ENOUGH! (I AM TOO!)


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Finding My Way To Make It Pay!

I’ve just realized that when I truly love what I’m doing – there will be… there must be… a way to make it pay in every way! What I have to do is find the way that works for me to make it happen.


What I’m up to now is finding the way to find my way. Then I can help you find “your way” too.


It’s the same as each of us getting as healthy as we can be – by finding THE STEPS THAT WORK FOR US – and then breaking them down to find the least number of those steps we need to take on each day of the week (some are daily, some weekly, some yearly, etc.) to achieve the result. I’m realizing that getting anything I want to achieve will have this type of step by step method.


  1. When I needed to restore my health I found what was best for ME to eat for breakfast, then lunch, then dinner + snacks that help me through the day…plus
  2. What movements that exercise MY body should I make each day and when should I make them.


I know one is probably not supposed to let potential supporters know they’re they have any concerns about their plans to reach their goal in any business – i.e., earning a certain amount of money or gaining recognition for having created it, etc.  But how can anyone know what they’ve earned until they’ve kept the plan going – and changed the plan as needed – until the profits came?


Could I have known for sure that I would have lowered my cholesterol level to a very healthy level until I lowered it? No – of course I couldn’t have! Could I have known, when I started, that I would have weighed just what I should weigh after a certain number of weeks? No! I knew I could after I saw positive results coming in.


I had a wonderful coach who got me going and connected me with people who helped me. I’m forever grateful to Barbara Van Diest for getting me to start my plan. I, actually refined the “idea” of the word “plan” and I allow myself to think of it as “research” toward developing a “plan” that would change people’s lives. I guess Barbara Van Diest thought of it similarly when she was starting. She did pass on at, what we now think of, as an early age – BUT – given what she began with – she lived quite a bit longer than might have been expected and she helped hundreds of people and, therefore, achieved what she was born to achieve.


I achieved the results I did because I kept going with my plan and when I reached a period when I wasn’t getting further results I asked questions and revised the plan a bit, where needed. I kept going, whether or not it was working at a particular point – until it worked!

Surprising fact! It worked more quickly and easily than I thought it would!


I just leaned something so interesting!  I was feeling stressed because I didn’t yet know what was going to happen!



Join me as I begin my plan for being able to relax and know I always have the funds I need to live and to produce those books and shows and songs and give Image Workshops that I feel will “up” peoples’ lives.


My plan for this is beginning as I put the final period on this blog post! I want my life and your life to be “Fit and Fabulous From This Day Forward”!

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Love Cured My Tummy Ache!

I understand that the title of this post can sound a bit “cutesy pooh”. But it’s true. Loving thoughts, quite unexpectedly, cured a tummy ache I had this week!


I hardly ever get tummy aches since I’ve found the foods and exercises, etc. that suit my body best. I think I allowed myself to get nervous about accomplishing everything I’d planned to that day. I ate lunch very (much too) quickly and I felt pain, but still ran out to get to a crosstown appointment. I could feel my stomach burning when I sat down in the coffee shop, in which my appointment was taking place. As is usually the case, I was a few moments early. I hadn’t felt my tummy hurting like that in a very long while.


I started to think about the meeting I was going to have and started thinking about how much I liked the woman I was meeting. I started to think about lovely things I’d heard about her. Then I started looking around the coffee shop and out the window at the street and saw several wonderful people I know. When I’m in the theater district I can usually count on seeing people I know.


I thought about how blessed I am to know and care about so may wonderful people … my mind drifted to recent happy memories and “BOING”   I noticed that my tummy totally stopped feeling any pain!


Simply sensing the love I feel for so many people relaxed my system and fully removed the sensation of pain I’d been having. The love I was feeling calmed my nervous system and quickly calmed my stomach and digestive system. I stopped feeling any pain and felt no discomfort since that initial burning that I thought would probably be with me throughout my meeting.


My tummy hasn’t felt any discomfort since – and, I now, given that I eat foods that are beneficial or, at least, not harmful for my system I know I can cure pain should I feel it – by thinking of people and things I love.


What’s that song? – “Love Cures Everything!” – I’ve discovered that it does cure pain, at least pain that’s been induced by nervousness – as long as I’m taking care of myself.


Try LOVING THOUGHTS to calm your tummy. Love works for me.

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The Coming Louise Hay “I Can Do It!” Conference in Philadelphia


I’m thrilled that my book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” will be displayed in the gallery at the Louise Hay “I Can Do I Philadelphia Conference” from September 16th -18th. In addition, an Exhibit Catalog with my book’s purchasing information will be distributed at the event!


You can read more about the conferences and the book on my sites (open the Tab “Author”) and on

By the way, my foot is healing – and – I once again remind you, as my stress fracture is reminding me – that once you find the simple daily plan that works for you – follow it.  It does get to be fun.  I can’t wait to feel comfortable walking my 30-40 blocks a day.  That word for me and it’s simple to follow, living in Manhattan. You can find what works for you and is simple to do where you live.


I wish you a joy filled, weekend!


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I Stupidly Skimped $$ On My Own Foot Fitness Plan This Year-OUCH!!! But, This Helps Me Help YOU! There’s Good in Everything.

During my own work on getting healthy and physically happy again I found a wonderful foot doctor, after having had unfortunate foot surgery by a foot doctor that didn’t benefit my feet.


Dr. Theodore Antonetz fixed had my feet card for so I could walk again.


He prescribed orthotics and I was advised to use a shoe store in NYC that changed my whole system for the better. I don’t work for or get paid by the people I’ve recommended thus far. When I represent products I let you know and I will guarantee that I recommend them because I use them and get great benefit from them.


For the past several years I’ve used and shall continue to use The Eneslow Foot Comfort Center. Abdul, who works there makes certain my orthotics fit perfectly into my shoes and put my feet in the position they’re supposed to be in – plus be very comfortable. Of course, I’ve come to realize that when you feet are in the correct position you will have comfort.


I’ve learned that for good results I need to have the orthopedics checked for ware and usually have new ones made – at least every six months.


My feet were feeling so great this year, I thought I could get away with spending the money on new orthotics and decided to put that expenditure off till mid-autumn.


Guess what? OUCH!!!!! The same condition that led to my need for the orthotics, in the first place, reappeared. I ran (well hobbled) to Eneslow last week and I eagerly await the notice that they’re ready.


Why am I telling you this?


Because I want you to begin doing a morning “shout out”, whisper, chant, whatever serves you best (unless you already do) saying:




I’ll write again next week and let you know how I’m doing. I bet I’ll make enough money due to my being back to 100% health and fitness to be able to afford taking care of myself and also, supporting others, when I want to and can in their projects as well.

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I’m Glad I Learned How To Get Fit So I Can Go To See So Many Talented Performers – Glad I Can Help You Get Fit Too!

Once again, I was booked throughout the week. I mean almost every day and every evening. I saw shows every evening. This is the first evening I’m not going out to see a show. I’m speaking with a client from home.

When my grandmothers were living they did see Broadway shows and go to the lovely music rooms in hotels to see vocal stars; but they didn’t go to theater every night! They didn’t go to clubs or music rooms every night. My mom sang – at home and in my grandmother’s music room. Her dad was a Labor Relations Attorney and the family did go to theater and to concerts but not more than once or, maybe, twice a week at most. My dad joined their firm and brought in the Hotel Association as a client. The hotels had the great music clubs in those days. Still – we went to the clubs like the Oak Room and the club at the Carlyle – maybe once or twice a month when I was a teen.

Now – in my mid-seventies I’m running around as much as – if not more than – ever and I’m feeling wonderful! I go to many people’s shows and, as you probably know, I host my own series at The Metropolitan Room in NYC. I show that age doesn’t have to hamper you. The series is called “It’s Just a Number!” (As I may have told you, I’m thrilled to have won a 2016 MAC Award for it.)

I have no pain and this year I’ve had no colds! It’s great to feel and be “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” I’m so glad I learned what I did and I’m even happier to be able to share with you and with as many people as I can!

It was learning to ask questions and the types of questions to ask and of whom to ask them that saved me and turned my life around. It’s not hard. It’s, a matter of knowing how to go about it. I had to learn and you can too.

Please also visit my site

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