Love Cured My Tummy Ache!

I understand that the title of this post can sound a bit “cutesy pooh”. But it’s true. Loving thoughts, quite unexpectedly, cured a tummy ache I had this week!


I hardly ever get tummy aches since I’ve found the foods and exercises, etc. that suit my body best. I think I allowed myself to get nervous about accomplishing everything I’d planned to that day. I ate lunch very (much too) quickly and I felt pain, but still ran out to get to a crosstown appointment. I could feel my stomach burning when I sat down in the coffee shop, in which my appointment was taking place. As is usually the case, I was a few moments early. I hadn’t felt my tummy hurting like that in a very long while.


I started to think about the meeting I was going to have and started thinking about how much I liked the woman I was meeting. I started to think about lovely things I’d heard about her. Then I started looking around the coffee shop and out the window at the street and saw several wonderful people I know. When I’m in the theater district I can usually count on seeing people I know.


I thought about how blessed I am to know and care about so may wonderful people … my mind drifted to recent happy memories and “BOING”   I noticed that my tummy totally stopped feeling any pain!


Simply sensing the love I feel for so many people relaxed my system and fully removed the sensation of pain I’d been having. The love I was feeling calmed my nervous system and quickly calmed my stomach and digestive system. I stopped feeling any pain and felt no discomfort since that initial burning that I thought would probably be with me throughout my meeting.


My tummy hasn’t felt any discomfort since – and, I now, given that I eat foods that are beneficial or, at least, not harmful for my system I know I can cure pain should I feel it – by thinking of people and things I love.


What’s that song? – “Love Cures Everything!” – I’ve discovered that it does cure pain, at least pain that’s been induced by nervousness – as long as I’m taking care of myself.


Try LOVING THOUGHTS to calm your tummy. Love works for me.

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The Coming Louise Hay “I Can Do It!” Conference in Philadelphia


I’m thrilled that my book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” will be displayed in the gallery at the Louise Hay “I Can Do I Philadelphia Conference” from September 16th -18th. In addition, an Exhibit Catalog with my book’s purchasing information will be distributed at the event!


You can read more about the conferences and the book on my sites (open the Tab “Author”) and on

By the way, my foot is healing – and – I once again remind you, as my stress fracture is reminding me – that once you find the simple daily plan that works for you – follow it.  It does get to be fun.  I can’t wait to feel comfortable walking my 30-40 blocks a day.  That word for me and it’s simple to follow, living in Manhattan. You can find what works for you and is simple to do where you live.


I wish you a joy filled, weekend!


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I Stupidly Skimped $$ On My Own Foot Fitness Plan This Year-OUCH!!! But, This Helps Me Help YOU! There’s Good in Everything.

During my own work on getting healthy and physically happy again I found a wonderful foot doctor, after having had unfortunate foot surgery by a foot doctor that didn’t benefit my feet.


Dr. Theodore Antonetz fixed had my feet card for so I could walk again.


He prescribed orthotics and I was advised to use a shoe store in NYC that changed my whole system for the better. I don’t work for or get paid by the people I’ve recommended thus far. When I represent products I let you know and I will guarantee that I recommend them because I use them and get great benefit from them.


For the past several years I’ve used and shall continue to use The Eneslow Foot Comfort Center. Abdul, who works there makes certain my orthotics fit perfectly into my shoes and put my feet in the position they’re supposed to be in – plus be very comfortable. Of course, I’ve come to realize that when you feet are in the correct position you will have comfort.


I’ve learned that for good results I need to have the orthopedics checked for ware and usually have new ones made – at least every six months.


My feet were feeling so great this year, I thought I could get away with spending the money on new orthotics and decided to put that expenditure off till mid-autumn.


Guess what? OUCH!!!!! The same condition that led to my need for the orthotics, in the first place, reappeared. I ran (well hobbled) to Eneslow last week and I eagerly await the notice that they’re ready.


Why am I telling you this?


Because I want you to begin doing a morning “shout out”, whisper, chant, whatever serves you best (unless you already do) saying:




I’ll write again next week and let you know how I’m doing. I bet I’ll make enough money due to my being back to 100% health and fitness to be able to afford taking care of myself and also, supporting others, when I want to and can in their projects as well.

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I’m Glad I Learned How To Get Fit So I Can Go To See So Many Talented Performers – Glad I Can Help You Get Fit Too!

Once again, I was booked throughout the week. I mean almost every day and every evening. I saw shows every evening. This is the first evening I’m not going out to see a show. I’m speaking with a client from home.

When my grandmothers were living they did see Broadway shows and go to the lovely music rooms in hotels to see vocal stars; but they didn’t go to theater every night! They didn’t go to clubs or music rooms every night. My mom sang – at home and in my grandmother’s music room. Her dad was a Labor Relations Attorney and the family did go to theater and to concerts but not more than once or, maybe, twice a week at most. My dad joined their firm and brought in the Hotel Association as a client. The hotels had the great music clubs in those days. Still – we went to the clubs like the Oak Room and the club at the Carlyle – maybe once or twice a month when I was a teen.

Now – in my mid-seventies I’m running around as much as – if not more than – ever and I’m feeling wonderful! I go to many people’s shows and, as you probably know, I host my own series at The Metropolitan Room in NYC. I show that age doesn’t have to hamper you. The series is called “It’s Just a Number!” (As I may have told you, I’m thrilled to have won a 2016 MAC Award for it.)

I have no pain and this year I’ve had no colds! It’s great to feel and be “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” I’m so glad I learned what I did and I’m even happier to be able to share with you and with as many people as I can!

It was learning to ask questions and the types of questions to ask and of whom to ask them that saved me and turned my life around. It’s not hard. It’s, a matter of knowing how to go about it. I had to learn and you can too.

Please also visit my site

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So Thrilling To Be Able To Help!

I was at a wonderful birthday party for a wonderful woman today and got into a conversation with an extraordinarily good looking and sweet “young” woman.  I know I put in many “positives” – and –  I truly felt joy at this event.


It’s interesting how my definition of “young woman” has changed since I was in my mid-fifties. I never worried much about being older because, thankfully, my mother (my whole family for that matter) never had an issue with adding years. I felt I deserved to feel like a member of the older community when I was in my mid-fifties.    Now I realize that someone 54 is more than twenty years younger than I am!”


The lovely young lady and I  began speaking about the delicious food that was served at the party and I spoke of  the foods I was avoiding because they weren’t the best for me, because they contained “Nightshade Vegetables” –  which aren’t good for me because years ago I had Osteoarthritis.  She became VERY interested in what I was saying because she had developed pain and had many of the same symptoms and issues that I developed in my mid-fifties. She was thrilled that I fully understood what she was talking about. It also turned out that we share the same blood type. I’m impressed with her for knowing her blood type. It’s interesting to me that many of the people I speak with about eating to help pain and bodily malfunctions have NO idea what blood type they have! I could tell that this young lady was very conscious and wanted to feel well.


After we shared a bit more conversation I told her about “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” the book I’d written on just this topic. I always have at least one or two of the paperback editions with me.   She got excited about it, got cash from her husband and bought it on the spot! I gave her my card and told her to feel free to call me with any questions she might have and that I’d be happy to help. If I can’t help her on the spot I’ll do the research or, if needs be, find someone who can answer a question she has that I’m not be able to help her answer.


I’m sure I’m not the only person who gets joy from knowing you can help someone solve a problem they’re facing.


I hadn’t thought of selling my book at this party. However, there I was able to help a bright and great looking lady, who was going through what I went through at her age. I feel as though get payment above the money payment I get in my Image Consulting work, my coaching people in the health areas I know about and in seeing people enjoying the songs I’ve written and the shows I produce.


While it’s important for us to get paid money for the work you do, when you see that the service or product you’re providing is truly helping the person who’s buying from you – you’ll feel as though you’ve been paid an even higher amount.


I do believe we’re on Earth to help each other. This belief may sound “Goody Goody”, but it certainly helps me and I bet it will help you too.

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Hard For Me to Believe – I’m Actually a “Science Teacher!”

I hardly took any science courses when I attended the Cornell ILR School or Columbia Teachers College.


I’m Excited To Realize When I teach My “Dress To Get YES!” and “Color Psychology” workshops – as well as my Slim Strong Sexy workshop based on my book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!” – I’m Teaching Science!


I’m enjoying the responses I’m getting from people – who’ve not yet taken one of my workshops – when I tell them I’ll be offering the Image workshops again. Most of the image workshops I offer only have to be taken once in a lifetime.


Services like finding particular items of clothing, etc. for people is another thing. They can be given whenever a client needs something new and hasn’t the time to find what they need or the knowledge to know exactly what that should be


I’m thrilled to give people the knowledge of what clothing and which accessories specifically work best for THEM.

My “Dress To Get YES!” workshop does that for the attendees.


I also teach a workshop which gives attendees the information dealing with which “color family” works best for getting good responses in different situations. This takes less time and is less expensive.

I call this “Color Psychology”.


I’m glad to say that I’ve found that most people who have taken this workshop come back to learn what specific shades of each color family, which fabrics and which shapes work best for THEIR skin tone, body shape and personality. Many have come for individual consultations and some have come back for the “Dress To Get YES!” workshop.


I do understand that Color Psychology can be given for much less money than Dress to get YES! It also requires and hour less time.


Your being fit and appearing healthy affects the way people subliminally react to you too.


I’m getting a kick out of the feedback I’m getting from clients that they are better received at auditions, business meeting, family gatherings, etc.


People don’t realize they’re judging you during the first 30 seconds of seeing (and hearing) you – but, their brains are working subliminally.

This is a science!

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Learning To Enjoy Asking for Money for Services Rendered

I wrote a post about this topic several years ago. I think I’m finally (hopefully finally!) seeing that it will work for me.


Okay – I’m finally getting to the point, which is a point I’ve been avoiding most of my life! It’s OKAY for me to ask for money for services I render.


Right now the planet still, uses money as the primary medium for exchange. I’ve written before about my intuition that this will not last forever! However, it probably will throughout my lifetime – so I’d better get used to asking for it.


If a gentleman, whom I trust and adore will ask if he may take over that activity for me I’ll graciously allow him too – but, ya know? – maybe I won’t. I say this, because asking for money has been such an important thing for me to learn.


I’m getting a kick out of the changes that have been taking place in my brain in the last couple of decades, since I’ve begun circulating with spiritual people who are helping me get in touch with the fact that we each have a purpose in this universe. I know my parents and their parents got this but, in general, I don’t think most people saw themselves as a spec in a huge being that needed each of us. I guess deep within myself, I’ve known this since I was a little girl in Brooklyn.


However, in the 1940s, at least in my family, we were taught that females shouldn’t need to ask for money. It wasn’t that females were lesser beings. It was that we were higher beings. We could create the new beings on the planet. (Of course we needed sperm from males to do that!) My family didn’t feel that money was a b was a bad thing – well, not really bad, just less good than love and devotion. Women were put on a pedestal!


If anything, in family, women were held as too good to have to have to think about asking for money! Of course, that set up a big consideration for us little girls as we grew to be teenagers and then “college girls” and young adults. We had to attract a man.

We had to be “cute” when we were little and then pretty and feminine as we aged. It was also rough for girls who were taller than the boys in the class. I was always one of the tallest people of my age wherever I was as a girl. If I didn’t have a boy after me on “Visiting Day” at camp I’d feel very ‘less than”. I felt “less than almost every summer until the boys started to grow too!


Funny how I’m just about 5’6” I miss being 5’8”, like I was when I was in my 40s.


There was also the question of getting too high grades when I was a young girl. Girls were too good to have to study and do well in school. Boys wouldn’t think we were cute if we spent time studying.


I have to say that I, at least, have been fine with my looks since I’ve been in my 50s. Now, as long as I know I’ll be helping you with the activities and products I’ll ask money for, I’ll be okay with asking.


I think I’ve written about this topic I the past. Now I know I really need to follow my advice.


Here goes!

I’ve always been okay with paying my teachers, medical advisors, lighting technicians, pianists, etc., etc., etc. for the excellent services they provide for me – and now – I’ll be okay with asking you a fair monetary contribution for the services I provide for you!


I know several other people, who are in their 70s, who have the same issue with asking for payment that I’ve had. If you’re one of them, I hope this helps.


(I bet I’ll even be able to begin breathing again soon!)

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“I’m Thankful I Researched & Followed My Best Daily Plan for My Body I Surely Needed It These Past Few Weeks!”

I haven’t posted a blog for a few weeks now. This has been an unusual time for me and for many of my friends.   A very close friend made her transition last Saturday night. That was an especially active night. I, traditionally, hold the Second Seder at my home for my son. We invite several friends of all faiths to join us. Last Saturday night, as our guests left, one called to let me know he’d heard that our friend who had been taken to a hospice the week before had passed on! Another friend and I were planning a trip to the hospice the day after Seder to visit her. I saw her at the hospital the week before but didn’t get to be with her, other than on the phone, between my Tuesday before visit and my visit to her funeral service and burial this past Monday.

It’s all feeling a bit surreal to me. She was a few years younger than I am. I admit I’ve been concerned about the number of cigarettes she smoked for a long time.


A thought came into my mind today. I’m wondering if changing her diet, in some way, might have helped her reduce her addiction to smoking! I wish I had the whole answer for you now. I do commit to researching this idea this week. Why I’m very interested in this is – that as I learned more and more about eating correctly for my system – my addiction to “sweets” faded away.


Wow! It just hit me that until I was in my early 60’s I also loved lying in the sun (needed to be in the sun) for the warmth of it – as well as the mistaken thought that being sun burned was pretty(!) – and that I almost always felt cold and chilled. When I shifted my thoughts on the advise I got from my spiritual coach, Barbara Van Diest, and researched what best suited me and began eating correctly for me and moving correctly for my system and muscular structure – I didn’t get as cold. Now, I’m rarely cold. I’ve heard people say that as you get older you get colder because you lose strength. Guess what? “It Ain’t Necessarily So!”


I was thinking of addictions because of thinking of the “smoking” addiction and I realized I don’t crave sweets anymore. I like a sweet taste every once in a while; but I don’t feel the “need” for sweets that often, if at all.


I also think that not hurting and needing to walk with a cane, as I did when I had severe Osteoarthritis in my late 50s, made it easier for me to cope with my feelings about my friend’s passing. Am I very sorry to have lost her company? Of course I am! Am I sorry she needed to suffer? Of course I am! However, feeling healthy physically helped me function with less pain mentally. Surely, my mind was filled with questions like “What more could I have done to help her get on the right track for her health, etc.” – but – I realized that we all make choices.


With all my grief I have been able to get things done since last Saturday. I won’t say I never needed to take a break to ponder where spirit goes when it leaves our body and other questions like that. However, I find myself looking at things in a more scientific way than I did when I was young. I wish I’d studied more about energy and vibration, etc. I don’t think our vibration dies and I’d like to learn how to prove that.

I also got things I’d planned to do done. I admit I was slow in writing the Blog Post when I found out how ill she was, but I’m convinced that my improved health has helped me follow my calendar. I have my new Fit and Fabulous Workshop planned and I wrote a song I’ve been thinking about for a long while and I’ve begun writing a song for another singer I adore who’s asked me for one a while ago and…and…and…Ah yes, I found a song I wrote years ago that I’m re-learning to perform at the show the Metropolitan Room owners are producing in her memory.
In short, my mind is clearer now that my body is healthier and doesn’t “crave” what’s not healthy for it – and – I’m able to deal with “sadness” in a more practical way than I ever could before.


I’ll research this further and see what I can share with you. If you find anything you’d like to share please share it with me!

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Did I Say I Had To Learn To Laugh At Myself?!

Did I say I had to learn to laugh at myself? Boy! I wasn’t kidding.

It hit again last week, when I went on my chart for The Langone Physical Therapy Center – I love the work they do – and saw that once again, without being told beforehand I’m billed again! I was billed for more then either of the last billings – with no explanation what is was for -online. Luckily, I decided to call and I guess it’s OK – but I didn’t really need this desperately and I may not have chosen to go and do the exercises. I went so I could feel fine lifting dumb bells in my health club. We don’t have the same machines we used to.


I think you should be told if you’re going to be billed for each thing that’s done. On bill was for the X-Ray technician and (who knew this would be coming?!) suddenly another is noted on my Online Chart (oy – this chart is a time consumer – for me, not them ). When I called I found out it was for the equipment. Hello!


I have to laugh at myself for taking valuable time to get angry at this. I found out I didn’t need to have the online chart! They made it sound like it was necessary and like it made life easier. It makes life much more complicated for me.


Why I need to laugh is that I’ve been grateful to be going to The NYU Langone Center! It’s right around the corner from me and the people are lovely. The organization when you enter for an appointment leaves much to be desired, however. The billing online is unfathomable.


When I called they said I’d get a paper statement. That made sense to me.   I would like to see all possible billing matters given to patients BEFORE they choose to do whatever procedure they’re planning.


If I can do anything to make communications re medical issues simpler for people I would love to. Thankfully, I’m not really in pain. I just want to be able to do more arm exercises that are right for my body type. I’d hurt my shoulder a bit last year and although it’s practically healed I want it totally better.


What I DON’T NEED is to have to get aggravating about signing in and checking out and finding out about billing I wasn’t told might happen.


I thought I’d paid for everything already. I’m a good student. If I couldn’t “get it” I wonder how many others can’t get it either!

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Learning to Laugh at Myself – and Relax!

I believe it’s important to note that we (I) can always keep learning. In my last post I mentioned that I’d spent much of my life in fear that I wasn’t quite good enough – that I wasn’t always Number One. It hit me today that in many ways I’ve thought I wasn’t being enough because I wasn’t DOING enough.   HELLO!


I must have finally “gotten” it that, at times, I’ve probably annoyed my family members and mostly driven myself crazy with my “Doing! Doing! Doing!” Today I could feel my mind shouting WHAT?! You’re being ridiculous Bobbie! Relax! This is making me smile now because I suddenly remember Saturday mornings listening to “Archie Andrews” on the radio. TV hadn’t been developed yet. I could hear Archie’s pal saying “Relax Archie! Relax!”


People who know me keep telling me they don’t know how I it: – how I’m at everyone’s show, how I always have birthday gifts for people, how I get the writing done, etc., etc., etc.


Lately I’ve been chiding myself for not taking time to write more new songs and for not taking time to contact all the groups around the country that cater to older members and getting these groups to book me to speak about my book “Fit and Fabulous From Fifty Forward!”


One great thing I learned by remembering the words “Relax Archie!” was that I was able to laugh at myself about it.


I finally quieted down and made a list of what I want to do in the next week. Having my paper planner in my hand helped me realize that even though I felt I needed to accomplish two things that would each take more or less three hours to accomplish each day (working on a song could take more) and that I, also, needed to eat three times during that day and, oh yes, sleep a bit too…and on many days buy food and…of course, see friend’s shows about three times a week (who was I kidding – more like 6 evenings a week minimum) and do the workout routine to make sure my body stays fit and, oh yes, get dressed and…wash my hair once a week…and…and…and…!!!!


There was no way any human I could think of who could accomplish everything I’d set up for myself. Guess what? Maybe, I didn’t have to do more than I’ve been doing my whole life!!!! My well-meaning dad would say things to lead me to believe I should be doing more. Of course, he always felt he should be doing more.

Guess what? I’ve been doing enough! (I can hear my dear college friend Billy saying: “Horowitz? You overdo everything!!!” and I’m giggling away! Thank you Billy!


It made me laugh and that made me hug myself and my breathing got steadier and – oh my! As a result of merely breathing more steadily, names I thought I’d forgotten are starting to come back into my mind. I thought my “beginning to get forgetful” had to do totally with brain health. Today I learned that being able to relax a bit helps my brain to function more healthily too!


I’m looking forward to seeing what happens today and this coming week and I’ll report my findings in my next post.

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